Lil' Bethoven's Studio Policy

The study of music provides students of all ages and levels an outlet for expressing themselves, the
opportunity to develop basic life skills such as self discipline, the ability to cooperate with others and be a
“team player”, and also provides for a well rounded education, aids young students in their study of
American and World History, and improves their reading and math skills. The Lil' Bethoven
Piano Studio
provides instruction in the rudimentary and fundamental concepts of reading and performing music at the

Tips for Practicing:

Learning to play the piano takes concentration, self discipline, and a commitment to daily practice. It is
expected that all students will faithfully practice the skills learned in each weekly lesson.

I recommend designating a specific room in the home strictly for practicing and having a specific time set
aside for practicing. It is best to keep the “practice room” quiet and prevent distraction from outside stimuli
such as the radio or TV.  It is also best to avoid phone calls or visitors during practice time.

Late or Canceled Lessons:

I require a 24 hour prior notice for canceled lessons.  Any lessons missed without prior notice will result in a
charge of the full lesson fee plus an additional charge of $10.00.  In the event of unforeseen circumstances
such as sickness, inclement weather, or other emergencies, a make-up lesson will be scheduled at no
additional charge.

Lesson Fees and Payments:

Payment for one month’s worth of weekly lessons is due from all students at the beginning of each month
on the first lesson of each month.  Upon payment, a receipt will be given to the student for payments made.
Payments may be made by either check or cash.  Please make all check payments to Mia L. Fleming.

Lesson Fees:

$30.00 for one half hour piano or voice lesson
$50.00 for a full hour piano or voice lesson


No lessons will be given on the following holidays.

Memorial Day
July 4th
Labor Day
Christmas Day
New Year’s Day

Acknowledgement of Studio Policy:

I have read and understand the above Lil' Bethoven Piano Studio policy and hereby agree to follow its

Student Signature/Parent Signature if under 18                                    Date